German Cities in the World City Network


  • Jonathan V. Beaverstock School of Geography, The University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD, Nottingham, United Kingdom



World city network, Globalization and World cities research network (gaWc), Germany, Polycentricity, Advanced producer services


This paper provides a brief critical appraisal of the relationality of German cities in the world city network. The paper is divided into four parts. After the introduction, part two highlights the major findings of each individual contribution to this special issue, and teases out the major patterns of German world city connectivity at both the international and domestic scale. This is followed in part three by a critical evaluation of the sum of all the individual paper findings, which comments on their aggregated contribution to three significant themes in world city studies: methods and empirics, theory and policy. The final part of the paper considers an alternative research agenda, calling for more qualitative research and engagement with in-depth, process-based studies of German world city networks, which will analyse both attributive and relational data.


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